Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen is a brand created by the English designer with the same name set in around 2000.

The designer signs collections of clothing and accessories for women and men, distorting traditional elegance. It features meticulous cuts and a haute couture tailoring, including British style and French Haute Couture. Alexander McQueen launches his griffe with a romantic, gothic and extravagant nature, with life-like connotations that show a contrast between strength and fragility, influenced by the manufacturing tradition and their experiences merged between art and theater.

Conquest a spot on the global fashion scene following important contributions with several Maison, including Romeo Gigli and Givenchy, becoming part of the Florentine Gucci Group, since 2001.

Between surreal dimension and reality, past and future, the brand halfway between Gothic-Victorian style and punk-rock style, inspired by the women painted in paintings, bullfighters and bikers, interprets a new Victorian Punk, with influences from art of Salvador Dali and ancient tales. Inventions reminiscent of oriental geishas, ​​dresses with "Harlequin" prints and prints borrowed from Escher, metal ornaments of skulls and bags with ring handles that look like defense weapons. Fitted pants in leather or brocade next to skirts and draped dresses, jackets with built shoulders and fluffy shirts with high collars closed by bows.

In 2010 the designer commits suicide and the creative direction passes into the hands of Sarah Burton.


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