Thom Browne

Thom Browne is a classic and distinguished prêt-à-porter brand dedicated to young, modern and self-confident men and women who show themselves to be cosmopolitan and with a seductive attitude to dandysmo. The brand is founded by the homonymous New York stylist, defined as the "Zar of the masculine style", which in 2001 debuted with its menswear line.

The aesthetics of the brand revolves around the new figure of geek-chic, or the evolution of the "nerd": the "nerd" of the hi-tech instruments.

The contemporary gentleman proposed by Browne winks at the past and the American style of the 50s and 60s, prefers to create fashions rather than follow them. She wears sartorial clothing with clean lines and sober colors, full of retro details, inspirations from the college style and refined references to the fitness look, with a touch of irony.

In the wardrobe are always complete gray suits, collegiate blazers and tennis gilet, but also button-down white shirts not normally ironed and unbuttoned, shorts with naked ankles made of formal fabrics, worn without socks and with very long ties coordinated to the dress . They stand out on the garments: diamonds, sophisticated patterns, checks and stripes.

Unusual and reduced proportions also for jackets that do not leave freedom of movement, magazines with lapels and narrow shoulders, and with hand-sewn eyelets, as well as for the trousers characterized by the oscillating heights of the horse.


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