Neil Barrett

Neil Barrett is a brand of clothing and accessories for men and women, created in 1999 by the homonymous English designer who, before launching his brand, carried out several years of apprenticeship in Italy working for Gucci and Prada.

Then he debuts in the fashion world proposing a men's collection that baptizes with his name. Neil presents a fashion in perfect balance between classic and modern, interpreter of a minimalist style, which mixes tailoring, grunge and rock mood, and avant-garde charm with English taste.

The stylist acclaimed by the world VIPs creates a new "street-style" made of jackets that look like biker jackets, worn waistcoats with t-shirts and leather trousers, double-breasted raincoats in summer fabric and very light skin for a final effect "vacuum".

The silhouettes are lengthened and the collections declined the colors of black and chalk, gray haze and cloud, giving life to caban, coats and jackets in "total black" leather with clean lines, knit cardigans, proportioned plays and overlays.

Nothing escapes the attention of the designer who takes care of the smallest details and offers accessories for the metropolitan jungle such as the "city bag" and the lace-up boots.


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