Burberry is a famous British clothing brand for men and women, whose story begins in the year 1856, when Thomas Burberry, opens his men's clothing store in Basingstoke, a town in the county of Hampshire.

The leading maison in the luxury goods market, boasts a tradition of over one hundred and fifty years of history, solemn awards of royal rank and the world of jet-set, for a sober and aristocratic "Old England" style, which makes Burberry a immortal brand.

The brand is characterized by the logo of the equestrian rider wearing armored armor, which on the lance carries a banner bearing the Latin prorsum motto.

The best seller of the luxury brand is the "gabardine fabric", the typical Burberry check and the well-known trench coat.

Thomas Burberry first invented the high-performance gabardine fabric, tear-resistant, waterproof but breathable, thanks to the particular type of Egyptian cotton thread processed with a secret procedure, and later woven with a tight weave and withdrawn in the same way, which revolutionizes the 'clothing for leisure, deserving the podium in the history of costume and fashion.

The classic Burberry check, the theme with crossed horizontal and vertical lines, appears for the first time in 1920, and is initially used in the waterproof linings, later, the checkered pattern, available in black, white, camel and red, then becomes the identification of the brand. In those years, the Company became a supplier of some expeditions to the North Pole and shortly after was involved in the creation of a new service uniform for British officers in the world war of 1918: thus born the legendary trench coat, literally trench coat, which 'years later it is made unforgettable in the film Casablanca, worn by Humphrey Bogart on the runway of the famous airport.

At its birth the trench was supposed to be a weatherproof raincoat and suitable for fighting, but today this raincoat has become the symbol of the brand. There are many characters of today and yesterday who have worn Burberry garments, such as members of the Royal House of England, Winston Churchill and George Bernard Show.


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