Stone Island

Stone Island is a brand born in 1982 that offers a trendy sportswear line, with a focus on innovation, functionality and the needs of today's fashion.

The brand has the wind rose as its logo, and the same originates from a dye test carried out on a canvas of a truck: from here begins a search for originality in materials, production techniques and design, which sees the use and production of fibers never used before in sportswear, adopting procedures drawn from fields outside of fashion.

Jackets, sweatshirts, shirts, trousers, accessories, with a line dedicated to denim, for garments that intercalate the bright colors in shades of black and gray, remotely recalling the taste and military rigor.

Many materials used derive from the world of aeronautics and water filtration, including ultra-light nylon canvas combined with a stainless steel film, Kevlar and polyester felts, reflective and heat-sensitive fabrics.


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