Daniele Fiesoli

Daniele Fiesoli "Absolutely Made in Italy" is the most exclusive brand produced by Woolgroup Srl.

Launched in 2000; the goal of its founder was to create a line in which the passion, knowledge and skill in knitwear built the perfect garment for a collection capable of combining design, quality and price. To reinforce this concept there is the love that Daniele has for his territory. In fact, the brand has been integrated with the "Absolutely Made in Italy" philosophy, all the processes and yarns are made in Italy and in particular in Tuscany, in a real industrial district for knitwear.

The passion and love of all the Woolgroup staff have led the Daniele Fiesoli brand to be considered one of the main players in the Italian fashion sector in a few years. Daniele Fiesoli is now declared by all the most innovative brand in the panorama of Italian knitwear fashion.

The good work done has evolved the collection from a simple knitwear collection concept to a "total look collection" with slim fit and contemporary shapes according to the season: t-shirts with exclusive "hand-made" prints, casual and informal blazers , young shirts, chinos and five pockets, soft knitwear and even precious scarves and hats, all made for a perfect manual combination piece by piece.

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