Iso Poetism By Tobias Nielsen

ISO.POETISM BY TOBIAS BIRK NIELSEN, the corporeal manifestation of Tobias Birk Nielsen inner odyssey through life as a modern human being.
Through the use of a poetic lens, former Wood Wood & Boris Bidjan Saberi design trainee, and MA Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts graduate, Tobias Birk Nielsen seeks to depict the reality of surviving the trials that life throws at all of us. Meticulously designed in Copenhagen, Denmark, and crafted in Italy, using only the  nest Korean & Italian fabrics, ISO.POETISM BY TOBIAS BIRK NIELSEN believes that garments stand for so much more than just a sell- able product. Rather than creating just any other material possession, it aims to create artefacts that will comfort the client.
ISO.POETISM BY TOBIAS BIRK NIELSEN stands for the silent bystanders that persevere in daily turmoil, the in- dividuals that in isolation attain poetic justice, and the creatives that strive for solace and hope in a turbulent world. Over the years with titles such as “Uniform of Great Hope”, “Few of Us” and “The Survivalist”, ISO.POETISM BY TOBIAS BIRK NIELSEN has created a repertoire of genuine emotional interpretation of personal experiences that allows the wearer to identify themselves with each collection. Traversing the need to be speci c, the brand and the client become one against the unknown.
Presenting Bi-annually during Paris, Milan and Copenhagen Men’s Fashion Week through seasonal Video Cam- paigns, Art Installations, Runways Shows, the melodic and emotional story of the brand tackles each season with honest determination.
With collections sold in exclusively selected high-end stores in Asia, Europe & America, ISO.POETISMTM BY TOBIAS BIRK NIELSEN stands tall as one of the most ambitiously expres- sive menswear luxury brands, in hopes to ignite the strength and endeavour in each individual.


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